I absolutely fell in love with ‘Rome in 12 Buildings’ by Philip Barlag. It was like the book was made for someone like me, eager to peel back the layers of Rome’s epic history before setting foot in the city. Each story of the twelve buildings felt like uncovering a secret, making me even more excited to see them in person. Honestly, it was like having a backstage pass to Rome’s past. Walking through Rome after reading this book was a whole new experience. I felt connected to the stories and the people who walked the streets centuries ago. It’s the perfect guide for anyone who wants to truly understand the heart of Rome.

Rome in 12 Buildings” by Philip Barlag is a must-buy before you head off to Rome. It’s not just a guide; it’s your entry into the heart and soul of the city. This book takes you beyond the usual tourist spots, diving deep into the stories and secrets that have shaped Rome through its iconic buildings. Whether you’re marveling at the Colosseum or wandering through the Forum, you’ll have a richer, more meaningful experience with this book in your bag.

Rome in 12 Buildings

It’s like having a personal tour guide who knows all the best stories—not just the dates and names, but the drama, the intrigue, and the scandals that made Rome, Rome. Plus, with the audiobook version, you can soak up all this history on the go, making those long flights or train rides part of the adventure.

So, before you pack your bags for the Eternal City, make sure to grab a copy of “Rome in 12 Buildings.” It’ll transform your visit from a simple vacation into a journey through the heart of ancient history, making every step in Rome a step back in time.

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